How to Pitch
Written by: Estefania Fernandez Delgado
How to Pitch

Meetup with Estefania Fernandez on the 3rd of December 2021 in collaboration with First Friday Meetup.


To finish 2021, we decided to do our Meetup at the beginning of the month, as December is a tricky month in between closing the fiscal year and starting with Christmas preparations.

In 2019 I organized a Design Thinking Workshop at the Spanish Embassy in Berlin with my good old friend Diana Pinos, from Barcelona. It was there where I met Alejandro Wagner, who is also a Meetup organizer: The First Friday Curated Network.

I have been a speaker at his meetup in the past talking about how to create the value proposition of your business, and this time, as I am also organizing the free monthly pitching events for e-Bloom, he asked me to participate in one meetup to give some tips about how to pitch your startup idea. I accepted the invite and we decided to join the two meetups to end 2021.

We decided that it was going to be a hybrid format and we could meet at their space at MLP. near Hauptbahnhof and connect online with the rest of the people. Once again, we had to do this event only online due to the increase of the curfew in Berlin. Unfortunately, due to technical problems, we don´t have a video from this meetup, but I am offering a course about it with e-Bloom at the end of January. It’s free for e-Bloom members (you can get a 30 days free trial). You can also register on Eventbrite. And of course, you can attend any 4th Wednesday of the month to our open and free events to practice your pitch.

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Obviously, about pitching… but you might be wondering, what kind of pitch? Well, I have first introduced why pitching is important (as you can see, I always start with the why 😉). There is only one chance to give a first impression, so you can be prepared for that moment. It doesn’t really matter if it is a networking event and you introduce yourself; a job interview where you answer the popular question “tell me about yourself”; or you are presenting your business or participating at a pitch deck competition. A good pitch can literally change your life.

After understanding the benefits of being a good communicator, I talked about the most common kind of pitches and what are the main characteristics from each pitch and a structure to write a script for it. For example, how to explain your business in one sentence or how long your personal presentation should be, according to whether it is in person or by phone.

In any case, there are some golden rules about pitching that are general for all kinds of presentations, you just have to adapt them to the situation and of course, to the audience. We are talking about body language, visual aids, time management or tips about how to engage your audience. But the most important is how to be confident, for that I suggest some warm ups that might seem stupid, like acting like boxing or jumping, but they work; and the most important … practice until it hurts. Record yourself on your mobile to check the timing and your voice tone and body language… and then, go to Toastmasters events or our 4th Wednesday events or any pitching event to practice in front of other people.

About the pitch deck, we have of course a specific structure… Again, we always start with the why. Our first slide should be the title of our business and one sentence explanation that explains the business (always responding to these questions: what we offer, to whom, how we deliver and how we get paid). Then we continue with :

  • the problem, 
  • the solution, 
  • the market size (TAM, SAM, SOM)
  • competition and positioning (where is the gap that we can fill),
  • unique selling point (why are we different than our competitors),
  • our marketing plan (how people would get to know us and our value proposition),
  • the team (what are our strengths and why are we good to develop this business),
  • traction and milestones (what are our goals that we need to accomplish on a timeline),
  • call to action (how much money do we need to accomplish our milestones and ask for it… but also show the benefit that the investor could get).

This is a potential structure. Of course, you can adapt it to your style. I always recommend using storytelling as a technique to engage your audience so you can also be creative here!


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Autor: Estefania Fernandez