How to Make the Most of Digital Tools to Collaborate Effectively
Written by: Michal Dallos
COLLABORATE effectively

Meetup with Ro Fernandez on the 28th October 2021


Ro Fernandez is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a tool designed to make collaboration more effective between teams (and clients), especially remote teams.

I met Ro in another meetup from Nova, as Ro is also a giver and she has many interesting webinars about collaboration with digital tools. In this case, I attended one webinar to learn how to use this tool for educators in October 2020.

I was fascinated because I could use a whiteboard like Miro or Mural, but I could also use the same tool to add videos, create workflows and guide my students better.

From that day and due to our passion about open innovation, co-creation, remote collaboration etc, we kept in contact and followed our projects.

When I started to work on the business idea of at the beginning of 2021, I contacted her to ask for guidance to adapt her tool for my live design thinking workshops. She, very kindly and open to help, as usual, guided me to make the most of it. This is how we started a closer collaboration. Here you can watch a video about how I integrated the tool for our social innovation projects. More information here

Due to the increase of remote teams and the increasing need to make more effective collaborations, I have asked her to show us what digital tools can make for us and how to make the most of it, of course in this case with the example of Nova. 


Ro defines herself as a dreamer. She truly believes in focusing on collaboration instead of on competition to have a better future, and that is the reason why she created an innovative digital collaboration tool.

At the event we also talk about how things have changed in the last five years and how the mindset of management has changed. The key is not about the location or time zone from where we work, but how we collaborate effectively without nonsense meetings.

According to Fernandez, the main problem while collaborating is time, because everything is happening fast and we have to react fast. In order to be fast, but also to get far, we should work on teams… and it doesn’t really matter if they are remote teams. Actually, we can be even more productive while working from home.


Ro presented us some frameworks and tools that we can use with Nova like Scamper, Solution sketches or Business ecosystem to work on teams more effectively. 

Nova offers more than two hundred tools to be creative, to innovate and to improve internal processes with automation. Nova also fosters open innovation, as it offers an open space to collaborate with people outside the organization.

She also explained how to take advantage of this technology to co-create asynchronously and not to depend always on meetings.

To sum up, Ro described three main aspects to have a proper collaboration:

1 –  To have a collaborative space with a wide variety of features and integrations such as whiteboard, call rooms or card decks

2 – Systematic thinking centralized for the whole company with a step by step guidance

3 – Clear workflows to align the vision of team members and collaborators to succeed

Thus, anyone can visualize at any time and without depending on any specific person, all the information of the project

I also agree this is the future of thinking and to work on a smarter way to be more productive and have happier teams. What do you think? Did you also know Nova? Do you use any other collaborative tool? 

You can watch the presentation on this video


Ro and her team are also organizing free webinars to learn how to use Nova and all you can do with it.

You can have a look at their Youtube channel 

You can also contact her directly on her Linkedin Profile here 


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